10 Sep

Rhyme and Punishment

If there’s anything that I’ve found particularly curious about Bangalore, it’s the night sky.

The colour of the night sky in Bangalore is a luminous red. It looks as though someone has set a giant fire ablaze on earth and let it run amok up the heavens. It’s an unsettling orange, reflecting the light from the non existent street lights, setting aglow hopes and dreams of the thousand odd migrants, who probably think that city skies are devoid of stars and happiness.

I complain about this odd nocturnal occurrence almost daily. One might wonder why this upsets me so; me, a girl who was born and raised in a city far more crowded and polluted than Namma Bengaluru.

But, I always saw stars in my Bombay sky. Twinkling diamonds, solar systems from another galaxy, reminding me of my insignificance and yet, filling me with an undeniable and wholesome happiness.


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24 Nov


Ryan Giggs – The Man For All Seasons

3 Sep

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A Look At Manchester United’s New Signings.

30 Aug

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Phil Jones – United’s Answer To Yaya Toure?

26 Aug

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Antonio Valencia- A Star Has Risen

25 Aug

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Patrice Evra- A Dying Force?

25 Aug

Many wondered at the time when Patrice Evra, an untested but a left back with a lot of potential was signed from Monaco, something many consider as a panic buy in January, a result of Manchester United’s ouster from the Champions League in the group stage itself.

As it turns out, we saw that it was another shrewd signing by the wily Scotsman and legendary gaffer, Sir Alex Ferguson.

Over the years, Evra repaid the faith in him by forming a formidable backline along with Rio Ferdinand, Nemaja Vidic (another January signing) and Gary Neville. This is the back four that enabled United to have achieved the double of 2008 and to win 4 Premier League titles in the past 6 years.

However,  I along with many of Manchester United fans all round the world mourn the declining form of one of the best left-backs in the world a few years ago. The acrobatic clearances, the well timed tackles as well as the repeated runs down the left wing to offer support to the likes of Ryan Giggs and Ronaldo will all be missed. Manchester United, a team that attacks along the wings, and its wingers expect support from the wingbacks resulting in a player like Evra getting caught out of position often enough so as to enable opposition wingers to circumvent the United defence along that left flank. I for one have cursed him over the last season more times than I care to remember and often wished for the inexperienced and naïve Fabio Da Silva to fill in for him.

However with an eye for the future, as it always is with Sir Alex Ferguson, Fabio has now been sent on loan to QPR to gain valuable game time and the untested Alexander Buttner has been bought in so as to compete with Evra for the left back position. I for one, hope that Buttner settles in quickly and Evra declining fall is stalled and results in him still being a respectful figure about the club in coming years.

A player who was entrusted by Sir Alex to play 48 matches last season, indeed needs to do some soul searching to attempt to regain the glorious form he possessed a few years ago.

Which position should Wayne Rooney play in?

25 Aug


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