10 Sep

Rhyme and Punishment

If there’s anything that I’ve found particularly curious about Bangalore, it’s the night sky.

The colour of the night sky in Bangalore is a luminous red. It looks as though someone has set a giant fire ablaze on earth and let it run amok up the heavens. It’s an unsettling orange, reflecting the light from the non existent street lights, setting aglow hopes and dreams of the thousand odd migrants, who probably think that city skies are devoid of stars and happiness.

I complain about this odd nocturnal occurrence almost daily. One might wonder why this upsets me so; me, a girl who was born and raised in a city far more crowded and polluted than Namma Bengaluru.

But, I always saw stars in my Bombay sky. Twinkling diamonds, solar systems from another galaxy, reminding me of my insignificance and yet, filling me with an undeniable and wholesome happiness.


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