Statue of the trio of Law, Best and Charlton in front of Old Trafford I don’t know how, I don’t know when nor do I know why, but Manchester United has been imprinted in my heart and my mind. Every beat, every minute, whatever I do, there has been this continuous fixation in my mind for the Red Devils, for its players and for the majestic Old Trafford. A club founded in 1878, located thousands of miles away, still somehow managed to captivate me and become an important feature of my life.

I first started being aware of United as a 13 yr old boy. An avid newspaper reader, Manchester United often featured on the back pages of my favorite newspaper, The Times Of India. The many wins, the endless trophies and the glamour of the English Champions attracted me to this Old Trafford based club. I was a casual fan at that time, with no basic knowledge of the team, in fact, so ignorant was I, that I couldn’t even name the starting eleven of the team. However this slowly changed, with my increased interest in the club and its traditions, a fact that was helped with my association with a once avid United fan and friend Neil (who now supports the cheap bastards at the Etihad). And within a few months, I was pleasantly surprised to discover that my closest friend and neighbor, Shubhankar too had fallen in love with the 19 time League Champions. Together , our love for the Reds got nurtured and today, we are both proud declare that we are diehard Red Devils, and come what may; Manchester United will be the only club that we’ll support throughout our lives.

As the years passed by, we have watched more than a hundred matches together, shouting and jumping with joy for every goal scored and cursing for every conceded. United has such a profound impact in my life that I plan out my every move during the match day, just so as to ensure I never miss even a minute of action. The thrill, the pure joy of watching United play, cheering my team, egging them on, wishing, hoping, praying that we win, is something, that many will never understand (my parents included), however I believe, and I know, that there are many others out there, just like me, and I thank my stars for having a chance to be friends and acquaintances with some of them.

When I think about the history of the club, the glorious days of the Busby era, the very successful and continuous reign of Sir Alex Ferguson, the many wins and losses, the trophies, the players and the 76,000 fans all cheering for their beloved team at Old Trafford, I am moved to tears. The sheer excellence, the romance of this Club can never ever be replaced, neither in my life nor in those among the inner core of the reported 660million fans (yup, that’s 10% of the human population!).

Today, not a single day passes, without me inducing in United related banter with my likeminded friends. Expressing our views, debating about team decisions and dissecting every match as it gets over has now become a ritual  with me, either in my WhatsApp or Facebook group (cheers, mates!) . Just reading each other’s comments and seeing us all talk so passionately about things that we could never influence in our life, just makes my day.

I look forward to the day when I watch from the stands, mesmerized by the Reds, my very own, Manchester United, go about their job of destroying a visiting team with panache, shouting my lungs out along with the other 76000 fans at Old Trafford.

Thanks for reading and hope you feel the same,




  1. crys September 24, 2012 at 2:46 pm #

    so beautiful! Truly awesome:):):)

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